Derek Rabin (55)
Dip Law
Non-Executive Chairman
Appointed to the Board 1990 and appointed as chairman in December 2004.

Admitted as an attorney of the High Courts of the Republic of South Africa and Lesotho, Derek has held directorships in several companies and served as Chairman of Honeywell Southern Africa (Pty) Limited for many years. He was previously a partner at Godfrey Rabin and Partners Attorneys, Werksman’s and a founding partner of Rabin, Van den Berg and Pelkowitz whose corporate advisory business was sold to Brait SA in 2000. Derek served on the main Board of Brait and as Chairman of Brait’s advisory division until the formation of Derek H Rabin & Associates in July 2003.
Giovanni Ravazzotti (62)
Chief Executive Officer
Founder, in 1969, of the Italtile Group and Chairman of Ceramic Industries Limited.
Peter Swatton (47) – British
BCompt (Hons), CA(SA)
Chief Financial Officer
Joined the company 1988.

Peter was appointed chief financial officer in February 1992. He has had 16 years service with Italtile during which time he was chief executive officer for two and a half years.

Appointed to the Board 1992.
John Couzis (52) – Greek
Non-Executive Director
Appointed to the Board 1988.

John retired as chief executive officer of Italtile in 2001, a position he held since 1998, to become a non-executive director. John has had 24 years experience in the ceramic tile industry and previously held various positions in the IT field.
Christian Trumpelmann (35)
B.Com (Law)
Chief Operating Officer – CTM
Appointed to the Board in October 2004.

Christian was appointed chief operating officer – CTM in September 2002 and to the Board on 19 October 2004. He has had 10 years service with Italtile.
Gian-Paolo Ravazzotti (34)
Chief Operating Officer – Italtile
Appointed to the Board in October 2004.

Gian-Paolo was appointed chief operating officer – Italtile and to the Board on 19 October 2004. He has had six years service with Italtile.
Gordon Cousins (56)
BComm, MBA
Independent Non-Executive Director
Appointed to the Board 1995.

Gordon, a gold-medalist MBA, held various corporate leadership positions in the building products industry before starting his own business, 21 years ago, which develops and markets simulation-based experimental learning methodologies to all levels of management, for an international client base.

Gordon is also international vice-president of Retina International, an organisation dedicated to finding a cure for inherited retinal blindness.
Siyabonga Gama (38)
B.Com (Hons), AEP, CAIB(SA)
Independent Non-Executive Director
Appointed to the Board 2004.

Siyabonga was the chief executive officer of the National Ports Authority of South Africa, the Chairman of the Port Management Association of Eastern and Southern Africa and serves on the Board of the International Association of Ports and Harbours. During 2005 he was appointed as the chief executive officer of Spoornet.
S I Gama (Chairman)
J Couzis
G A M Ravazzotti*
P D Swatton*
*By invitation
D H Rabin (Chairman)
G A M Ravazzotti
Pierre Langenhoven (36)
Chief Operating Officer (Australia)
Wouter van der Merwe (37)
N.Dip (Property Development and Housing Management)
Manager – Property Division
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