Integrated Annual Report

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The strength of our retail brands

The strength of our brands: Italtile
The strength of our brands: CTM
The strength of our brands: Top T
The strength of our brands: U-Light

Founded in 1969, Italtile Retail is widely acknowledged as a style icon in the premium home improvement market and is represented by 13 stores nationwide. As a leading fashion retailer of exclusive international and local ranges of tiles, bathware and related products, the brand offers a luxurious shopping experience for both residential and commercial clients.


Ceramica Sant’Agostino is an Italian manufacturer of a wide range of premium ceramic and porcelain tile products designed to satisfy evolving technical and stylistic market requirements.


Since 1969, Atlas Concorde has grown into one of the leading fi rms on the world’s ceramics market. Their continuous innovation, technological research, coupled with the Italian style and international vocation are the values that have aligned us, Italtile Retail, with Atlas Concorde as a preferred supplier thus far, and will continue in the future.


Laufen Bathrooms, established in 1892, is a traditional Swiss brand refl ecting a symbiosis of design, quality and functionality. Laufen’s unique Swiss innovation unites two major design components: emotion and romance, with precision and clarity. Laufen products including washbasins, bath tubs, toilets and bidets are exclusive to Italtile in South Africa.


Almar is a well established Italian company specialising in the production of shower systems. Almar shower roses and hand showers offer a shower experience that is superior in both function and aesthetic appeal.


Launched in 1983, CTM is a household name in southern Africa, enjoying strong brand affi nity based on its reputation for a high-quality year-round value offering. Represented by 92 stores in southern and East Africa, CTM is the largest specialist tile and bathroom retailer in the country.


Capturing the African landscape, Kilimanjaro tiles are made in South Africa for African conditions and are exceptionally strong and durable. Imitating natural stone, these beautiful tiles are suitable for indoor and outdoor. The Kilimanjaro range is exclusive to CTM.


Tivoli is the largest Italian brand of taps in South Africa. Made by Italian master craftsmen, Tivoli Taps are renowned for their quality, technology and design. All Tivoli Taps carry a 15-year guarantee.


Trevi is an aspirational range of modern, minimalist bathroom furniture and sanitaryware designed to enable discerning homeowners the opportunity to personalise their unique bathroom creations. Individual items including wall-hung and fl oorstanding cabinets can be combined and adapted to suit any bathroom size and layout; the colour palette includes glossy white, woodgrain grey and warm glossy grey.


Exclusive to CTM, the Futura tile brand offers customers the latest tile designs and fashion trends from Europe.


Elf is a range of high-quality laminate fl oors, meticulously selected from leading German and other European factories. Elf’s authenticlook wood fl oors are cool in summer and warm in winter. This trusted brand offers a class-leading guarantee, backed by CTM, nationwide.


This extensive range of mosaics enables homeowners to explore their interior designer dreams. Available in a myriad of textures, styles and colours, Galleria mosaics create a decorative playground for personal expression in complementing tile choices.


Nu Vinyl fl ooring is ideally suited for use throughout the house. The insulating elastic surface absorbs noise, is warm to the touch, effective in damp areas and gentle on the body’s joints, making it a desirable fl oor covering in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms.


Origins Nature’s Touch is an on-trend, innovative range of ceramic tiles that mirror the look and feel of real wooden fl ooring. The tiles are manufactured in a variety of sizes and colours, all mimicking the hues of natural wood. The Origins range is exclusive to CTM.


Stonewall is the modern contemporary designer expression of timeless natural stone. Easy to install tile sheets enable homeowners to replicate their favourite stone-look with confi dence and ease.


The Organic Earth range has a natural, earthy, rustic look and feel. These terracotta tiles are unglazed and exceptionally strong and durable making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Equally attractive in a bushveld environment or traditional Italian trattoria setting, these tiles are made in South Africa to suit local conditions.


Amalfi taps and accessories are specifi cally designed for the customer who seeks quality products at an affordable price. The Amalfi brand is exclusive to CTM.


This specifi cally customised range of tile adhesives is a brand leader in the industry, based on its quality, performance and good value. Pro Grip is manufactured exclusively for Italtile Retail and CTM.


’Technology in style‘ defi nes the perfect combination of form and function. Crystaltech Showers are manufactured from specially treated, tempered glass that ensures stylish but safe showering. This range of framed, frameless and corner shower enclosures affords homeowners a variety of options to match the perfect cubicle with their specifi c bathroom space.

Top T

TopT is a one-stop home-finishing supplier of good quality, affordable merchandise and the low-cost leader in its entry-level market segment.

TopT has 83 stores situated in underserviced rural areas and outlying markets in close proximity to urban townships.


Homemakers are proud to use the highquality Homegrown range of paints; available in four variants. This indoor, outdoor and rooftop paint is stylish and user-friendly.


The Diva brand is an exclusive range of good quality taps designed and priced specifi cally for TopT stores in South Africa. Available in both conventional and single lever styles, there is a range to suit all tastes.


The Tuff range comprises class-leading adhesives and paints that are innovatively packaged and specifically engineered to provide real value for the entry-level market. This brand is exclusive to TopT stores.


Launched in 2018, U-Light is the Group’s innovative new lighting retail offering, designed to complete the total shopping experience for customers seeking to create beautiful homes. U-Light focuses primarily on quality fashionable residential lighting, complemented by an industrial component. Our trendy products range from bespoke local to imported Italian fi ttings and accessories.