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Supporting our communities

The Italtile and Ceramic Foundation

The Italtile Foundation and Ceramic Foundation were recently merged to form the Italtile and Ceramic Foundation ("the Foundation").

The Foundation is a Broad-Based Black Ownership Scheme, with the objective of conducting public benefit activities (PBO ref no: 930044728) in a non-profit manner and with an altruistic and philanthropic intent, working towards the transformation and upliftment of previously disadvantaged communities.

The Foundation's distributions are towards Public Benefit Activities relating to education, sport and conservation.

Current projects


  1. Bursaries: The Foundation funds and manages a bursary programme that sponsors students with extreme financial need and high academic potential. There are currently ten students studying with funding from the Foundation.
  2. Hope School for the Disabled: The Foundation recently completed renovations to the girls' residence. The renovations comprised maintenance and repair of the building and bathrooms to provide the students with more space, privacy and independence.
  3. Salvazione Christian School is an independent primary school for underprivileged children, situated in Mayfair West, Johannesburg. The Foundation funded the purchase of a property adjacent to the primary school, which will accommodate the foundation phase learners once the property has been renovated. This will afford more space in the original school building for grades 4 to 7.
  4. One School at a Time ("OSAAT"): Through OSAAT, the Foundation sponsors Forte High School in Soweto. Funds donated to the school are channelled to projects such as PROJECT 100%, an extra lessons programme for all matric students aimed at continuously improving the matric pass rate of the school, as well as providing stationery, toiletries and other consumables. Forte High achieved a matric pass rate of 91% in 2017.
  5. Mahareng Secondary School: The Foundation sponsors an Asset-Based Community-Driven Development programme at the school, which based in Vanderbijlpark. The goal of the programme is to assist matric learners in creating a positive asset-based mindset, to enable them to deal with local social challenges facing them and achieve optimum results in the educational and career development spheres.
  6. Setlabotjha Primary School: The Foundation sponsors two programmes at the primary school:
  1. Homework Support Programme: Through the READ organisation, this programme is aimed at improving the learners' language and reading skills; and
  2. Field Band Foundation: Through participation in band activities, young people who might otherwise have little opportunity for constructive recreational activity, are taught the advantages of life skills such as commitment, competitiveness, teamwork, discipline and timekeeping. In so doing, the advantages of heightened self-esteem and associated self-confidence are inculcated.

While teaching music, movement and dance is the core of the Field Band Foundation's activities, band members also receive:

  • HIV/Aids peer education;
  • General education in social development; and
  • Specific life skills training.


Sports fields

The Foundation has built three sports fields thus far, in Meadowlands in Soweto, Thohoyandou in Limpopo, and Acornhoek in Mpumalanga. These sports fields are equipped with:

Soccer pitch;

  • Netball/volleyball/basketball courts;
  • Changing rooms and ablution facilities;
  • Kiddies play area; and
  • Picnic area.

The sports fields were built for the benefit of the local youth. Schools within the communities are invited to participate in soccer and netball in the annual CTM Cup.


Dreamfields is an organisation that establishes soccer and netball leagues in schools and hosts referee and umpire workshops for school coaches for the benefit of the local children.

Through the Foundation's sponsorship, Dreamfields has been introduced to:

  • 40 schools in Acornhoek;
  • 16 schools in Thohoyandou;
  • 10 schools in Sebokeng;
  • Eight schools in Hammanskraal; and
  • Eight schools in Kagiso.

The schools are provided with soccer and netball equipment as well as full training kits.


The main projects sponsored by the Foundation under this category are:

Birdlife Important Biodiversity Area ("IBA") Programme

The IBA Programme aims to ensure that important sites, habitats, and associated ecosystem services are protected and sustainably managed for the benefit of birds, other biodiversity and humans.

Birdlife bird guide project

Unemployed people from local communities are trained as bird guides and efforts are made to place them in employment. Some of these individuals have been fortunate to start their own bird guiding businesses.

Lapalala Wilderness School

Students from schools that are sponsored by the Foundation are sent to the Lapalala Wilderness School annually for one week to learn about the importance of the environment and how to take care of and preserve it.


The Foundation sponsors WWF, which in turn employs the funds according to project needs.

Italtile Group Social Economic Development

The Group partakes in various social and economic development initiatives, some outlined below.

CTM Champions Cup (Soweto and Thohoyandou)

CTM, in partnership with the community of Meadowlands, hosted the third annual Soweto CTM Champions Cup in August 2017, as well as the first annual Thohoyandou CTM Champions Cup in March 2018. The aim of the CTM Champions Cup is to promote health, education and fitness through sports among the youth in these communities, and create awareness of the availability of our sports field for use by the local inhabitants. The CTM Champions Cup consists of a netball and soccer tournament, with students from 16 schools from each surrounding community participating. The winning school from each division and sporting code competed to win a R10 000 cash prize to be used for the development of their school. A full sports kit for each participant was sponsored by our Group brands including CTM, TopT, Ezee Tile and International Tap Distributors.

Stop Rhino Poaching Foundation

For the third year, CTM, in partnership with Ceramic Industries, donated R1 million to the Stop Rhino Poaching Foundation to contribute to the valuable work carried out by organisation. CTM, together with Stop Rhino Poaching, funds the provision and replenishment of specialised trauma packs and medical kits used by rangers to safeguard the rhino population in the Kruger National Park. This donation would not be possible without the support of CTM's customers, as the funds are raised from the sale of selected Kilimanjaro tiles sold exclusively in our stores.

World Environment Day

On 5 June 2018, the Italtile Group celebrated World Environment Day with Kanana Primary School in Tembisa. Italtile staff members visited the school to donate 30 indigenous trees funded by the Italtile Foundation Trust. Ten of these trees were fruit trees, which will help with growing the school's food garden, while the others will provide much needed shade for the learners during hot summer days.

The day began with the learners being educated about the environment, climate change and renewable energy. Particular emphasis was paid to teaching them how they could practically implement their learnings either at school or at home. The day concluded with the learners planting the donated trees on their school grounds, following a demonstration from Food and Trees from Africa.

Leratong Day Care and Pre-School

Leratong Day Care and Pre-School, in KwaThema, is a non-profit organisation that caters for 207 children from the ages of 18 months to six years. On Freedom Day, TopT staff offered their assistance to paint and repair the premises to a standard that would encourage the children to come to school and enjoy the learning experience. Suppliers including Academy Brushware and Ezee Tile partnered with TopT on this project, donating the stock used for the day's activities. The TopT team was supported by local radio personalities who entertained the children and helped with the painting. The delight expressed by the children throughout the event ensured it was truly memorable Freedom Day for all who participated in the Leratong project.

CTM PHL Hockey Tournament

The PHL model is an exciting, inventive new hockey format, created to transform the sport in South Africa. Comprising three weeks of incredible hockey action, the best teams from each of the nine provinces compete against each other in a series of top quality matches. Each province is represented by a Men's and Ladies' team. CTM is proud to partner with one of the fastest growing sports in the country being hockey as we share common values of innovation and inventiveness, and this partnership enables both organisations to make a positive contribution to hockey development, propelling the sport forward in this country. Sport is a powerful means of bringing people together in a positive environment, improving health and fitness, social skills and self esteem, thereby contributing to a healthier, more productive society.

The National Sea Rescue Institute ("NSRI") is a voluntary non-profit organisation in South Africa tasked with saving lives through drowning prevention. The Institute consists of coastal stations and inland stations on dams, staffed by over 1 000 volunteers equipped with sponsored rescue craft, rescue vehicles, quad bikes and tractors.

The Group is one of the NSRI's Platinum Partners. Platinum Partnership is limited to 10 partners at any one time and is a long-term partnership over at least five years. Partners are invited to help set strategy and shape the organisation's business. Annual contributions are dedicated to the overheads of the NSRI's head office and include activities such as equipping, upgrading and building base stations.

Dignity Drive

In October 2017, the Group embarked on a CTM Dignity Drive initiative that aims to improve sanitary conditions in disadvantaged schools – a critical need in the local education sector. Research confirms that the poor state of sanitation facilities in many schools nationwide is a serious problem, not only posing a health and safety risk but often negatively impacting on the students' ability to learn and receive a quality education. As a leading retailer of tiles and sanitaryware, our business is well placed to assist in restoring dignity and enhancing learning conditions through improved sanitation for schools in need. Ithembalihle Primary School in Dobsonville, Soweto was chosen as the first recipient of our Dignity Drive. The initial goal to simply renovate the bathroom facilities, expanded to upgrading the school's dilapidated learning block and courtyard. With conservation being an important focus area for the Group, we used Eland Brown tiles from the Kilimanjaro tile range for the bathroom renovation. CTM has committed to saving the rhino one box at a time by contributing R5 from every box of selected Kilimanjaro tiles bought to the Stop Rhino Poaching organisation. Learners of Ithembalihle have since been able to enjoy hygienic, safe bathrooms and a well improved learning block.

University of Pretoria's student training

Italtile Retail partnered with the University of Pretoria to assist their third-year students obtain hands-on sales training for their Personal Selling and Account Management module. As part of the training, the students had the opportunity to shadow sales representatives at Italtile showrooms around Gauteng. During their shifts, students learnt how to welcome and interact with clients, assist and recommend products relevant to clients' needs, as well as secure and process sales. Sales representatives from Italtile were impressed with the students' genuine interest in the sales process, willingness to learn and their professional conduct. In return, the students were appreciative of the opportunity to gain valuable practical experience and an insight into pursuing sales as a career.

Italtile Retail's Wet Nose Animal
Rescue project

Italtile Retail is excited to have found a creative way to help needy dogs at the Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre in Bronkhorstspruit. The rescue centre looks after 382 animals, and among its other activities, provides clean blankets, pillows and bedding to the dogs in its care. During the year, the Italtile Retail stores in Gauteng stores partnered with signage supplier, Digi Slevin Branding, to donate all outdated and unusable fabric signage to the Rescue Centre. The fabric was used to make pillows (which are particularly useful in improving the comfort of pregnant dogs), while the wooden pallets donated by the stores were converted into beds and cots for the animals.