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Business model


Our business model supports delivery of our strategy and is shaped by our purpose, mission, values and beliefs.

Human capital Financial capital Intellectual capital

Human capital

Financial capital

Intellectual capital

Our workforce, partners
and franchisees
Skills and training
Cash generated from operations Trademarks and brands
Product research and development
Knowledge, experience
and practices
People, HR and governance systems
Manufacturing capital Manufacturing capital Natural capital

Social capital

Manufacturing capital

Natural capital

Our customers
Corporate social investment
Our brands and reputation
Regulatory and governmental
Production and
research facilities
Natural resources
(land, air and water)

Supply and Support Services Retail Franchising Properties Manufacturers
2017: 31%
2017: 22%
2017: 17%
2017: 22%
2017: 8%
Distributors of imported tiles, brassware, accessories, tiling tools, laminated boards, cabinets, d├ęcor and shower enclosures Retailers of tiles, laminated boards, brassware, bathroomware, hardware, accessories and other homefinishing products Bearer of Group trademarks Property investments Manufacturer and supplier of tiles, sanitaryware, bathware, grout, adhesive, paint and related products

* Contribution to Group profit before tax.


World-class manufacturer and retailer of tiles, sanitaryware, bathware and vinyl flooring, and other related home-finishing products



  System-wide turnover   System-wide turnover   Cash balance icon
System-wide turnover
of R8,7 billion
Profit after tax of
R1,15 billion
Cash balance of
R679 million
  Employees icon   Employees icon   Cash balance icon
2 530 employees R637 million paid
to employees
Improved customer sentiment
  Employees icon   Franchisee icon   Franchisee icon
Training spend on employees
of R12,7 million
98 franchised
Royalty income of
R134 million from franchisees
  Total dividends icon   Capital expenditure   Total dividends icon
Estimated market value of
property portfolio R3,7 billion
Capital expenditure
of R669 million
Total dividends of
R360 million paid
  Social economic development icon   Environmental icon
Total taxation of
R435 million paid
7% reduction
in CO2 emissions

(excluding Ceramic and Ezee Tile)
  Social economic development icon   Production volumes icon   Environmental icon
Social economic development spend of R27,2 million Production volumes 38 million square metres of tiles 1 520 342 pieces of sanitaryware 9 871 343 bags of adhesive Environmental rehabilitation spend of R7,7 million

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